Anamalai Rainforest Restoration Program

Iyerpadi Top

Our first efforts with Parry Agro Industries Ltd at rainforest protection and restoration began in 2004 with this site. We entered into a partnership with this progressive and environment-conscious company through a formal MoU.

In 2007, we renewed the MoU to continue the protection and restoration efforts at least until 2010.
Restoration Plot Photographs
  • Iyerpadi Top 2004
  • Iyerpadi Colony 2007
  • Site details

    Area: 100 ha

    Location: On the hill in Iyerpadi estate adjoining PKT plantations

    History: This site had been disturbed and selectively logged in the past. It has been regenerating over the years, but the regeneration was severely impeded by invasion of weeds such as the notorious Lantana camara and Chromolaena odorata. A small part has some standing Eucalyptus trees.

    Restoration approach:
    1) Mixed native species planting with careful weed removal
    2) Assisted natural regeneration through protection and weed control

    Planting details: Around 6000 seedlings of nearly 100 rainforest species planted and nurtured since the year 2004 in an area of about 4.5 ha.

    Saplings surviving: 45-75% in different plots (average 55%)

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