Anamalai Rainforest Restoration Program

Stanmore: a restored rainforest

Our first efforts at rainforest protection and restoration began in 2000 with the Hindustan Lever Limited, Valparai, a subsidiary of Unilever. As part of its global sustainable agriculture initiative, the company set aside three rainforest remnants on their property as "biodiversity plots" for preservation of wildlife in the long term. Injipara (area: 19 ha) was one of three rainforest fragments set aside for restoration and biodiversity conservation.

In 2006, the company changed hands to Tea Estates India Ltd of the Woodbriar Group. We renewed the partnership through a formal MoU with the new management and continued the protection and restoration efforts.
Restoration Plot Photographs
  • Stanmore 2002a
  • Stanmore 2002b
  • Stanmore 2004
  • Site details

    Area: 5.5 ha

    Location: Near the Matha turn-off in Stanmore (Monica) estate

    History: This is a small uncultivated fragment exposed to various disturbances in the past. While a part of it was open and grazed, other areas were smothered by a dense invasion of weeds such as the notorious Lantana camara and Chromolaena odorata.

    Restoration approach:
    1)Mixed native species planting with careful weed removal
    2)Assisted natural regeneration through protection and weed control

    Planting details: Over 2500 seedlings of around 80 rainforest species planted and nurtured since the year 2002.
    Restored area: 70%
    Assisted natural regeneration: 10%
    Recovery due to protection: 15%
    Balance needing restoration: 5%

    Saplings surviving: 35-90% in different plots (average 65%)

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