Anamalai Rainforest Restoration Program

Growth of Tree Saplings

Tree saplings planted as part of the restoration program have been tagged and monitored for growth parameters such as height and basal area. Some species grow fast, by rainforest tree standards, reaching heights of 3 to 6 metres in 3 to 5 years. Many species typically found in dense mature rainforest are, however, slow-growing. They inch upwards slowly, adding just one to a few leaves every year.

Canarium strictum 1.5 years after planting Same sapling 3.5 years after planting Elaeocarpus munronii sapling in Injipara site 4 years after planting

Some of the fast-growing trees in our restoration sites are:
Bischofia javanica, Vernonia arborea, Elaeocarpus munronii, E. tuberculatus, Toona ciliata, Macaranga peltata, Litsea oleoides, Cinnamomum malabathrum

And here are some of the slow ones:
Myristica dactyloides, Cullenia exarillata, Ormosia travancorica, Mesua ferrea, Poeciloneron indicum